Arri Alexa Plus
Available as Studio (XR), XT with or without Interna Filter Module, Alexa 4:3 and 16:9 with Plus Option (built in connectors for lens motors). Compatible to all sorts of classic accessories. Optional Highspeed License up to 120fps in HD 16:9 (please order explicitly!).

Onboard recording in Apple Prores Full HD or 2k.

Onboard ArriRaw on XT or XR only, all other Alexas require external recorders like Codex or Gemini.

Shoots with 2:1 anamorphic lenses require an Alexa Studio or 4:3 model, for full coverage! These cameras include highspeed and desqueeze licenses in their daily rate.

more info: Arri


Flashtest Alexa Studio with running mirror shutter

Flashtest without mirror shutter (Rolling Shutter!)