Arriflex 416
The Power of 16! Shoot 35mm Features at the cost of 16mm! This light weight sound camera is fully compatible to all our 35mm accessories giving you the highest flexibility and portability, ever achieved on a 16mm camera. Like the Arricam LT the 416 Plus has an integrated LCS receiver and connectors for lens motors.

Technical Specs
Film Format Super 16 mm, conforming to DIN 15602 and ISO-5768-1998
Frame Rate 1  to 75 fps Speed can be varied while camera is running. Ramps possible with Remote Control Unit RCU-1, Wireless Remote Control WRC-1 and Iris Control Unit ICU-1
Magazines 416 Shoulder Magazine 120/400 (SHM-3), Timecode module optional
Lens Mount 54 mm stainless steel PL mount
Shutter Manually adjustable to: 45°, 90°, 135°, 144°, 150°, 172.8°, 180°
Movement Silent precision movement, single pull down claw, single registration pin. Pull down pitch adjustable